Affiliate Marketing in COVID 19 times

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The purpose of affiliate marketing is to promote certain goods or services of other companies and to obtain a percentage of sales from it. Building a successful affiliate marketing program takes time, but with a little effort, it can significantly increase sales. While there is no magic formula for making quick money, many people have found success in digital marketing by working as an affiliate. It’s worth the effort and can become one of the best investments of time and money.

There are several aspects to affiliate marketing that make it a good home business option:

· Low start-up costs. Most broadcast programs are free, so the costs are usually related to your shipping/marketing methods.

· You do not have to create a product or service yourself.

· No need to store or ship goods.

· Work anytime, anywhere in the world, as long as you have an Internet connection.

· Passive revenue potential depending on how you market your affiliate programs.

· Can be integrated into existing remote business to generate additional revenue.

· Ideal for bloggers, educators, information entrepreneurs and anyone with a website.

There are some negative points also, like:

· Generating the amount of traffic needed to generate revenue can take a long time.

· You need to choose only quality companies so as to maintain your credibility. This becomes a limitation.

· Products, services, or how a partner conducts business cannot be controlled.

· Hard competition. When you find a good program, you can bet that many others will promote it as well.

Affiliate marketing offers large e-commerce companies with new ways to market their products and increase sales. In return, companies are willing to pay those who help promote their products. Such cooperation is beneficial both to the company whose products are marketed and to those involved in this promotion. In a way, it is also beneficial to the consumer as the publicity by the affiliates brings more number of products to his knowledge and thereby helps him to choose the best product available.

Anyone who makes money from affiliate marketing uses their tools and ways to drive traffic. Someone uses their personal website to advertise affiliate products, someone uses social networks or contextual advertising, someone - emails, newsletters ... The essence of affiliate marketing is to work with the goods and products that you yourself choose. In fact, the choice of the niche is the starting point and perhaps the most important part of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing had already become important due to the growth of the internet. With the corona (COVID 19) pandemic, affiliate marketing is gaining more importance than ever before as a career option. Corona pandemic has led to large-scale unemployment. According to experts, creative jobs will be in demand after the pandemic and affiliate marketing is one on the list. There will be a huge boom after corona in the digital marketing industry. People with skills would be in demand rather than people with degrees. Hence the time to jump into the affiliate marketing bandwagon and reap its benefits is NOW.


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